A Message From Our Management

As we face what would be the crisis of a generation, we have seen significant challenges in the real estate sector in Singapore.

The way we live, work, spend and play have shifted dramatically. Everything can be done from the comfort of our homes. We converted our dining rooms into offices and our bedrooms into classrooms. Everything is so fluid and interchangeable. The world, as we know before, has changed within a span of a few months.

Each vertical in Warees – from institutional development projects like mosque infrastructure to wakaf management has faced headwinds following the COVID-19 outbreak. As we are about to conclude Phase 6 of the Muslim cemetery exhumation project over at Wareesan, operations have to move at a slower pace.

The team adapted quickly to the new norms of working. Adhering to different working arrangements and keeping everyone safe yet making sure that business continuity is not compromised.

To boost greater streamlining and integration between Work From Home or Work From Anywhere to Working From Office, we have anchored in several digitalisation efforts, migrating into a new collaborative work system over several virtual platforms and enhancing our accounting system.

HR functions had to take a greater speed of change too, as people remains as our core strength. We upgraded our online systems for managing HR and stepped up efforts in engaging staff and our stakeholders.

While face-to-face meetings were only limited to certain sessions, our virtual presence kept everyone connected to the core of our business – we continue to invest our efforts in keeping businesses afloat with real estate partners in the spaces they operate in.

As we thread through longer periods of uncertainties, we embrace this “resetting” mode by innovating solutions to unlock the potential of wakaf leasing that may be affected by business restructurings.

These shifts may be permanent, but as we reimagine work and tap on new opportunities, our team will be more resilient, and ever ready to face the post-COVID world. To do so, Warees will continue to reinvent itself, as a strategic corporate entity by building and preserving wakaf legacies for the next generation.

We wish everyone a blessed and safe 2021!

The Management, Warees Group

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