Wareesians Delivered the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) Certification with People Niche

Early this year, Enterprise Singapore (ESG) had announced the Business Excellence (BE) initiative which had lasted for 25 years as a recognition programme by many leading organisations leveraging the BE framework to strive for robust standards of management practice, would come to a closure in October 2020, and organisations interested in BE certification must submit their applications by 30 September.

As Warees Investments had already begun its journey in scaling up its deeper understanding of the SQC requirements and the certification process since late 2018, the BE committee and management worked closely with its consultant to meet the project milestones and underwent the quality assessment this year in August just 2 months after the announcement of Phase 2 of Safe Re-Opening.

Why Business Excellence (BE)?

Warees Investments’ drive towards constantly seeking improvements in everything we do and investing trust in our stakeholders are probably the key catalysts to propel our interest in seeking the BE certification journey.

The committee and management worked to align our business processes with the BE framework, identified the gaps between our current practices against BE framework. Fortunately, prior to adopting the BE framework, Warees had begun on its ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification since 2016, thus, greatly facilitated the process of retrieving data and information. Along the way, the BE Committee obtained help by the Business Units to gradually devise and implement improvements to our business processes especially on our Business Continuity Planning Framework when facing major adversities such as the unprecedented pandemic outbreak of Covid-19.

The BE  Journey Experience

Through our experienced consultant, Mr Sunil Sahadevan gave us the insights and confidence as we took on his recommendation to pursue SQC with People Niche as he recognised our emphasis on the development of our people across multiple functions and the forward thinking people practices. He guided the committee to address all complex areas with corrective measures in our journey towards business excellence. Once the application report was finalised and submitted online via ESG portal, the consultant conducted several briefing and rehearsal sessions to prepare the organisation for the assessment day.

Due to Covid-19 situation, ESG had replaced the physical site assessment with 2-day assessment via an online teleconference platform. The BE committee completed a mammoth effort after months of persistence to bring the organisation towards a mark of excellence. Two weeks after the assessment, it received the great news of being a recipient of the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certification and the People Niche Certification, awarded by Enterprise Singapore. Our total scoring was above 500 points, for an entry level such scoring indicated systems within the organisation are mature.

Warees is proud to emerge as an organisation that has achieved superior performance in business excellence, as the award serves as a quality mark of recognition and assurance that value-adds to employees’ experience.

The certification journey was both challenging and fulfilling and it has shed some light on the importance of delivering effective communication of our company’s vision, mission and values to all of our stakeholders. The valuable feedback we received from ESG Assessment Report has also created further improvement goals that we can incorporate into our roadmap to excellence.

Warees Management team would like to thank whole of Wareesians for materialising this goal and continue to pride ourselves as one of the leading organisations in the provision of quality service to Warees’ stakeholders.